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The climate crisis is among us, but you have the opportunity to be on the right side of history. We are an inclusive community where all comments, thoughts, and concerns are not only listened to, but encouraged. Our past accomplishments have made us known across the university, Kingston community, and network of Canadian universities.

Please note: Our website is currently under construction! We hope you find everything you need below for now.

Past Successes

Here's a quick snapshot of just a few of the past projects that you may know us for:

  • Divestment from Fossil Fuels CampaignFollowing a 3-year divestment campaign undertaken by QBACC, the Queen's Board of Trustees have voted to undertake significant changes to Queen’s investment policy. Queen’s has agreed to progressively set targets to lower its endowment fund’s carbon intensity, meaning investing less in high carbon industries and increasing our investment in low/no carbon companies over time.
  • Home Standards ProjectDuring the 2020/21 school-year, we created a free web-based assessment tool that guides you from room to room asking a series of questions to help you quickly spot issues. At the end, a personalized report summarizing your home’s issues will be automatically generated that has violations cross-referenced with the City of Kingston’s property bylaws. You can send this report directly to your landlord or use it to back up maintenance requests with confidence that repairs are soon on their way. It has since become a stand alone not-for-profit.
  • HUSKEE SwapWe led the implementation of the reusable cup program and ECO Container programs in dining halls & some retail locations to reduce waste. This project will be continuing during the 2021/22 school-year.
  • Sustainable SemesterFrom the 2020-2021 school year, our members designed a sustainable semester program followed up with prizes to normalize integrating sustainable practices into your daily lifestyle as a student.

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2021/2022 School-Year

We have a busy year planned! We have a 40-person executive team and 20+ projects in the works.

Overview of our organizational structure

QBACC has two co-presidents that overlook its five key portfolios. Each of these five portfolios has a vice-president that manages the executives that work within the portfolio.

Our Portfolios

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Indigeneity (EDII): The EDII team is dedicated to employing and ensuring that EDI is discussed and incorporated into everything QBACC does.
  • Systems Change: Systems change encompasses a wide range of projects dedicated to environmental and social movements. These include housing, mental health, and sustainable investment.
  • Sustainable Living: Sustainable living examines distinct problems where change is attainable in our daily lives and at the university level. It includes waste mitigation, sustainable fashion, and sustainable semester.
  • Marketing: The marketing team provides the Queen’s and Kingston community with ongoing information about events, problem areas etc., to promote awareness and partnership.
  • Public Relations (PR): PR is vital for finding opportunities to showcase QBACC’s work, build needed partnerships, uphold a strong reputation, engage our members to help make this work possible.

Check out our Hiring Manual from April 2021 to gain more insights into our roles.Learn more about who we are.

Get Involved

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