Current QBACC Organizers


Although we have an organization hierarchy, QBACC operates on a consensus-based model. This means that everyone has the opportunity to take a leadership role with QBACC because climate justice organization is for everyone. 

Current Executives: 

Co-Presidents: Nick Lorraway and Maggie Williams

Vice-Presidents: Olivia Batten, Maddy Wintermute, Ashley Braun

Sustainable Investment: Quinby White, Danika Watson, & Sam Green 

Information: Constantina Chronis Marks & Bronte Simon

Activism & Education: Amanda Miller, Aria Goldin, Fiona Parfitt, & Lexi Wright

Diversity and Inclusion: Molly Urquhart & Sabrina Ventura

Marketing: Sanae Weimer, Meg Gilchrist, & Anna Brabender

Special Projects: Natalie Woodland, Amanda Petrie, Jadyn Kuah, Sabrina Ventura, Hayley Cunneyworth, Natasha Burgert, & Kate Hamill

There are many informal opportunities to get involved with QBACC. Environmental activism through QBACC is not about the title you hold, but the amount of passion and dedication you put into the campaigns and issues you care about! If you have an idea contact us! We will gladly help you see it implemented. 

Please reach out if you want to contact any of us or would like to hear other opportunities to get involved.