QBACC Objectives

Plates over Packaging

QBACC is fighting to make the use of single use cutlery a thing of the past. By working with retail outlets on campus, QBACC is pushing for all eat in food to be served on reusable flatware.  

Climate Action

Queen's signed and published the Climate Action Plan in spring 2015. Although the targets are set, there is no plan for implementation in reaching these reduction commitments. We need to hold the university accountable in making sure the CAP Implementation Committee starts soon and that there is appropriate and enough student representation on this committee! 

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Queen's voted against Fossil Fuel Divestment in fall 2015. QBACC refuses to take no for an answer - and hopes to consider looking into alternative proposals for furthering renewable energy sources or divesting from specifically the coal industry. 

Environmental Justice

QBACC has recently campaigned for the Blue Dot Movement (by the David Suzuki Foundation) for the right to a healthy environment, clean air, clean water, and safe food. 

QBACC believes in an anti-oppressive campus, as environmental justice does not exist without social justice. We hope to organize around environmental racism (particularly to help Indigenous communities and places like Chemical Valley in Sarnia, ON) and would encourage any and all ideas to plan and collaborate on making environmentalism more intersectional. 

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