Earth Day Rant in Rhyme

November 2, 2020

Do not touch your face


Don't forget to say grace

                                                                                                To save ourselves who has

      a clue

Of what on Earth to do

Why not stampede for 

     toilet tissue.

To the main topic here this

     is no discontinuity.

And to mark Earth Day's 

     first  half century 

Why not consider a bike

     build subversity?

Ride  sustainability in



No ransom for royalty will

     mine be

Nor lock-it-up  pathology

Not Harley or Honda or

     Norton Commando

But the lightweight familiar

Low carbon  to go. 



From random origins re-


Derailleur, freewheel, bask-

     et for freight bearing

Soon very likely it's calling

     for riding

And the bell still can ring.



New brakes and cables

The seat looks like torture

But entirely consistent with

     enhancing our future.

Sustainable practice in


Environmental crisis pro-




0n this rare and sacred 


Our esteemed enduring Big

      Rock # 3

The lately most salient 


Is a pair of close siblings

      calling more frequently

Each indisposed to ges-

      tires of leniency

Make no mistake their 

      common ontogeny

Pandemic and climate 

     change and what other


For much higher impact the

     twosome synergetic

Now target the inimical my-

     opic diathetic

High caution to many con-

     ventions endemic.



Who can doubt it,  we're to-

     day in a crucible

This experience now could

     be just dress rehearsal

Will the pandemic itself 

     take a reversal?

And  where does virus def-


Include  stasis as condit-


Among the instruments of


A virus is a perfect comple-


For restoring peace on this


Why choose then, resent-

     ment, lamentment ?

For responses judicious 

     and decent

There is good record of pre-




The once familiar "normal"

So easy to invoke

Reinstated, undebated

Means ever more of  gag

      and choke.

There's formidable arsenal

      to provoke.

For some reason lately, a


Our apprehending needs 


There's inversion of percep-


Demanding honest interro-


Identify contagion, identify


And which is defence,

      which is prosecution?



Homeostasis fits well in the

      Earthly equation

Ever useful, effective self


Consider James Lovelock's

      wise surmise

In fact no big surprise

Regarding Gaia he did hy-


Planet Earth as living entity

Almost in herself, singular-


Expect then, with alacrity,


Prompt response of imm-


To thoughtless societal




Last year, all heard it.

Eleven years remained

For an anthropocene un-


A dangerous, too costly im-


Much too long maintained.

The pushing of plastic and

     singing ka-ching

As cultural purpose, how


A recipe only for more grief

     to bring.



((i)) When arrive the legions

        of benevolent alien,

        To encamp and pro-

        ceed in every nation,

        On thorough cam-

        paigns of brain trans-


        Any limit to the dream-

        scape imagination?

        And how deep is the

        mind's addiction

        To the most outrage-

        ous fiction?

        But if such good for-

        tune ever eventuates,

        Please save me a 


        In the first line of can-




(ii)   How did airtravel be-

        come so sanctified?

        A late cornerstone of


        Fostering capricious


        Precluded through all

        human history

        A response now to a


        Manifestation of a des-


        Where prosperity sur-

        passed creativity and


        For its now a dose of


        Though once a sensa-


        Converging with a TV


        Deep torpor on the

        couch, but poised with


        All have acquaintance

        with this anecdote.



Extrapolate to a bizarre


       Slight stretch to the 

       venerated normalcy

       A brief holiday in a re-

       mote galaxy

       Or ten days on beautiful

        Alpha Centauri ?

       Equally vacuous, spe-

       cious, injudicious

       One might choose  


       IT  IS  after all ALL 

       ABOUT  US

       For  US  right now it's

       no sacrifice

       Externalize costs and

       roll the dice

       Transit a STEAL at

       twice the price

       Many the options exo-


       For we of a culture ca-




      So be not deterred

      All costs are deferred

      Simply a shift of depre-


      Bequeath it all to future


      Promote further the 

      state of desolation



      How keenly felt the 

      tough privations

      By those avoiding such


      If they're needed to 

      "save your neck"

      Best  consider  VR  tech

      Or support your local



(iii)Swat not that mosquito

      Do an earthworm res-


      They fit this earthscape

      better than we do

      To be here they have 

      more right than we do

      It's a heavy charge that

      in essence

      To many would be a big


      Any volunteers as coun-

      sel for defense?



     You find no earthworm


     Of edentate regulations

     Do they insist on air con-


     How much hope of their


     For yet another airport?

     Or PT lumber for garden

     playground or dock

     Or the big commute and

     more gridlock?

     Or would they often con-


     That THERE IS a "nox-

      ious  weed"

     With big consensus, all


     Chemical warfare will

     meet our need.

     How bad is earthworm


     From digital world 


     Their own boredom and


     For just flash and dazzle


     Or expressing that a life

     well spent

     Is a craze of commit-

     ment to synthetic scent?



     There is indeed much


     Why not slag the real


     For us of current edition


     Knowing the factor

     Of tumorgenic or hor-

     mine disruptor

     Elicits "Why on earth 

     would that matter ?"

Earth Day  EVERY day, all

     must insist

A denial of futures if the

     choice is resist

A tragedy is no inevitability

All can be worthy of Rock#


We're all of the same 


From the primal asteroid


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