Beautiful Planet

These current concerns are far from new

As recorded by Canada's own The Guess Who

While the Maple Leaf goes unfurled

Sing "Don't Give Me No Handmedown World".

The sentiment needs much more emphasis

To continue the metamorphosis

To dodge this imminent crisis

For such a beautiful Planet this is.

Carbon mercury lead and cadmium

All out of place, VOMITORIUM

Neonic pesticides

Nuclear waste


Consume, make haste

The "frictionless commerce" we know translates

Plastic on screens to marine vertebrates

Demonstration only of friction displaced.

Now frequent are statements of "going green"

While resolutely high carbon regime

Will Earth's record as archaeology scene

Well before the anthropocene

Continue, you know what I mean.

After corporate confiscations

What remains for final nations?

Who arrives for excavations?

No current lobby group have they

Campaign funding ZERO, no money, NO WAY

Sapiens they will NOT BE


If that's not irony

Try perversity

So how rate they today's priority

To policymakers and society

Reject this mediocrity

Cease expediency for THIS archaeology

While such a beautiful Planet this is.

Clever primates trainable eminently

Ask by legitimate agency?

To achieve WHAT, exactly, ultimately?

Witness "drivethru service" choreography.

To be a champion of Gaia

Should not demand one be pariah

Be the shameless iconoclastic

Continue to renounce the plastic

Keep critique on main paradigm

Many a time there is no rhyme

For the future we wish to share

Advance the fight

Eclipse despair

Resist the strategy that brings confusion

Denial distraction silence illusion

Renounce the microcosmic focus

Corporate media,hocuspocus

For all of that there's scant defence

The big landscape of acquiescence

Excresence, excresence, makes no sense

Black Friday is apt appellation

Give darkness no exaltation

Best choice always illumination

No priority to lobotomization

Ramp up the shit detection

Intensify all dot connection

CREATE another aspiration


For sustainability and life affirmation

So worthy are we of preservation

And such a beautiful planet this is.

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