Stay Calm Be Brave , Watch For The Signs

For foreshadow

For emphasis

A writer's timehonoured device

For incipient encouragement

It might begin to suffice

Earthdate anthropocene 415

We have our opening scene

CO2 content continues ascension

Too resolute yet the absurd intention

Of continuing comatose, the fossil convention

Corporate appetites clearly not sated

Current trajectory little abated

What constitutes success?

It's too little debated

Today it's to see our futures repatriated

For the biggest challenge of all human history

We assemble at well-known Queens University

Millions rally planetwide

May this energy not subside

But gather force,yet higher tide

Cultural evolution, we understand

Though mixed reviews

Today plays its best hand

Now, and to this day returning

We're sign preparing

FYI sharing

All clearly caring

Musicians, statisticians, spoken presentations

Thinking seven generations

Soon marching the streets are we


Mother EARTH is SEXY


Passions are in ascendancy

On this call for action, action

Spawned by heavy dissatisfaction

A certain comfort prevails

Which certainly, conspicuously entails

All caring as one

For justice, for wellness, for centuries to come

Nigh upon the events conclusion

By Board of Trustees in their collusion

Our impassioned speaker resumes essential retort

With a legion of intense support

Choose active, not reactive

Divest now, lose all maladaptive

The ponderous chain of maladaptive

We know it can be broken

Hope and liberation beckons

Accept no paltry token

Next,....a fleeting moment of quietude

And in a heartbeat

In flight before the multitude

High sailed a Monarch

In typical multiple arcs

Long reach over the speaker's head

Of anthropocentric ity

A recent casualty

One hopes securely in recovery

And now anecdotally

New hope to which all aspire

Their numbers this year climbing higher.

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