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If you are interested in contributing more to QBACC as a general member then we have two new opportunities that would be perfect for you! On our Facebook page we will be releasing two new exciting opportunities - media intern and general counsel representative. The general responsibilities of the media intern would be to keep our social media content updated with relevant material. The general counsel representative would assist in organizing volunteers, help arrange upcoming events and other responsibilities of a similar nature. This is your chance to become more involved ans take action in enforcing positive change.

By solidifying support in the University and reaching out to alumni, we have had a great amount of success following the rally and QBACC presenting to the board of trustees.

Recently, we have begun looking for clubs and department student councils to stand in solidarity and formally endorse the campaign as their club. If you are a part of a club or DSC and want to endorse the campaign, have your chairs or presidents fill out this form. This past week we met with several different societies on campus and many have expressed new found interest in supporting the Divestment campaign. If you are interested in helping with the divestment campaign please email divestqueens@gmail.com, We also host general meetings in Kingston Hall room 204 every Wednesday at 6:30

A first step in addressing Queen’s abysmal waste situation is going after the sources of waste. With this in mind QBCC initiated the plates over plastic campaign. As many of you know, the 4th demand was that Queen’s take action to reduce waste. Well, we’re tired of waiting and we’re going after the producers of waste ourselves. The special projects team, headed by Vice President Maggie Williams, have created action plans and lists of specific wasteful products with ideas for solutions. This week we met with the managers of the various food retail locations on campus and the dialogue of change which we believe will transition into a permanent transition to reusable cutlery.

With homecoming this past weekend the street party on Aberdeen proved to be as big as expected. To limit the amount of litter on that street, QBACC collaborated with Queen’s Squirrel Watching Club to host a pre and post hoco clean up. We put the theory to the test that when the nature is already clean, people are less likely to litter. Before homecoming, 5 bags were filled in the first 30 minutes!

A friendly reminder to our general members that everyone must volunteer 3 hours a week to retain their membership to QBACC. As we understand that midterms are a stressful time we will only enforce this requirement starting Monday November 4th.

If you are a new member we are so excited to work with you on sustainable projects that you want to see enacted at Queen's. Please fill out this form which will allow us to see what times you are available to volunteer with us. If you are not yet apart of our general member group, please click here. If you would sign our divestment petition, please click on this link: https://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/divest-queen-s-from-fossil-fuels Share it with your friends and like the Divestment page here! As always, if you have an idea, email us at www.queensbacc@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do about implementing it. We want you and your ideas. Climate change will only be solved by coming together and working towards socially beneficial solutions. Your QBACC team www.qbacc.org queensbacc@gmail.com Queen’s University sits on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.

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