How to Show your Support

There are many ways in which you can show your support for divestment. General ways include signing the general petition and writing letters to the board of trustee about your decision to support. By emailing, you can have your voice heard. Be sure to cc You can also like us on Facebook and sign up for our email list to stay up to date with our campaigns. 



1. Sign the General Petition 

2. Are you part of a club or department student council? Endorse the campaign as a club!! By having your chairs or presidents fill out the form you can endorse as a club. The only mandatory requirement for endorsement is that you sign the form. There is a separate form for Commerce clubs so we can lobby the Commerce Society Directly.


3. Lobby your professors. Didn't see your faculty on the Endorsement page? Ask your professors why. Bring some information material and pitch it to them. Write letters with your friends in your program asking for them to make the endorsement. 

4. Share with your friends!! Contact your alumni friends and family to appeal for their support. 


1. Sign the Faculty Petition 

2. Get QBACC on your faculty meeting agenda. Campaign for QBACC to be invited to your department meeting so we can give a short presentation on divestment for your colleagues 

3. Champion divestment,  Have your voice heard and put forward the motion to support the divestment campaign as a department following our presentation 

4. Share this with your friends in other departments


1. Sign the Alumni Petition

2. Write a personalized alumni letter or fill in the form letter (in the google drive)

3. Share with your friends!

Community Members  

1. Sign the General Petition 

2. Share with your friends

3. Write letters to the board


Petitions and Forms 

General Petition

Student Group Endorsement Form

Individual Faculty Petition

Alumni Endorsement Form

Want to help more? Below is link to our google drive where you can access presentations, forms and other information.