Queen's Backing Action on Climate Change 2019

Environmentalism should be a priority at Queen's.
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Divest Queen's

For the past 3 years QBACC has been running a fossil fuel divestment campaign. The focus of which is to have the University remove its investments from companies which main focus is the extraction, transportation, or refinement of fossil fuels.

As you have seen in the graphic above, the amount of carbon that fossil fuel companies have in their reserves vastly outnumbers the amount that we can burn to stay below 2 degrees.  This 2 C is an important number because it was agreed during the Paris Climate Accords that the signatory countries, which Canada is a part of, would now allow it to be surpassed. 

In recognizing that fossil fuel companies are actively working against us meeting these targets, and that their business model is focused on selling these reserves, we must divest.

QBACC is preparing to ask the University to undertake divestment of its Endowment and Investment funds and to develop criteria of Environmental, Social and Governance factors which will allow the funds to be managed in an ethical way forever. 

This is the third such campaign, the first being in 2012 and second in 2014. We have encountered significant support from the student, faculty and alumni bodies. 



To fully understand the objectives of our divestment campaign we suggest you read through the information booklet, Investing in a Sustainable Future available below.