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Watering the Grassroots


QBACC is proud to partner with University of Toronto Environmental Action (UTEA) to present the first of what we hope will become the annual Watering the Grassroots Applied Activism virtual conference!!! 

Watering the Grassroots” is a free 3-day (approx 3 hours each day) virtual conference that aims to bring together environmental clubs and grassroots organizations to work on developing important skills and knowledge bases to improve their organization’s function and impact. Envisioned and developed by UTEA and QBACC, WTG attempts a nation-wide approach to delving into pressing, intersectional, and important issues related to the environment and climate change by bringing together workshop leaders and panelists spanning from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Grassroots organizations are the foundation of our democracy and it is our hope that this conference will help teach them some skills necessary to be their most effective. WTG is totally free and always will be. 

Follow this link for signup.

Full program available here.

Facebook event available here.