November 25, 2019

 These current concerns are far from new

  As recorded by Canada's own The Guess Who

   While the Maple Leaf goes unfurled

  Sing  "Don't Give Me No Handmedown World".

  The sentiment needs much more emphasis

  To continue the metamorphosis

   To dodge this imminent crisis

  For such a beautiful Planet this is.

  Carbon mercury lead and cadmium

   All out of place, VOMITORIUM

   Neonic pesticides

   Nuclear waste


   Consume, make haste

   The "frictionless commerce" we know translates

   Plastic on screens to marine vertebrates

   Demonstration only of friction displaced.

   Now frequent are statements of "going green"

   While resolutely high...

November 16, 2019

For foreshadow

For emphasis

A writer's timehonoured device

For incipient encouragement

It might begin to suffice

Earthdate anthropocene  415

We have our opening scene

CO2 content continues ascension

Too resolute yet the absurd intention

Of continuing comatose, the fossil convention

Corporate appetites clearly not sated

Current trajectory little abated

What constitutes success?

It's too little debated

Today it's to see our futures repatriated

For the biggest challenge of all human history

We assemble at well-known Queens University

Millions rally planetwide

May this energy not subside

But gather force,yet higher tide

Cultural evolution, we understand

Though mixed reviews

Today plays its best hand

Now, and to this day returni...

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Queen’s chancellor Jim Leech and Smith School of Business professor Sean Cleary, address Canada's role in climate action



Their opinions and support are both hugely influential  and they outlined some facts that make us optimistic in our fight for divestment.

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November 25, 2019

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