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Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) is an activist-based environmental campus club that mobilizes and organizes environmentally minded students at Queen’s University. The club is designed to encourage progressive, climate change action at Queen’s University and in the City of Kingston. QBACC is about making real change happen now, at a local, provincial and federal level.​

Fighting Climate Change

We contribute to a national environmental movement through a diversity of tactics and whatever non-violent means necessary. QBACC was founded in 2008 and functions in a consensus based, anti-oppressive framework.


We have a lot of freedom of speech and a huge ability to make things happen at Queen's. If you are passionate about environmentalism and want to see Queen's take action and contribute to fighting climate change, then QBACC is the place for you.  

Awareness & Advocacy 

QBACC fights for action both on campus and off it. Having hosted several rallies on campus and sending members to Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, and even New York City for climate action - from conferences for protests and Climate Marches! 

Some examples of our campaigns include  encouraging the creation of a Climate Action Plan at Queen's, creating the Plates over Plastic waste reduction campaign, organizing HOCO cleanup programs and fighting for divestment of Queen's investment funds.